All That Glitters

"All That Glitters" is an old AD&D module I DM'ed some time ago with my group of adventures. In March 1993, Michael Wright posted an announcement in that he is going to be dungeon master of a "Play by EMail".

I asked him to join as an "observer" and collected every mail until the end of the game in January 1995!

A second game with the same group is running since then...


Map Fragment 1 Map Fragment 2

The game for the characters starts as they find fragments of a map which leads to great riches.

Current or future player of the module: Please don't spoil the fun! Don't read any further!!

The Game

All files are zipped with GNUzip which cuts their sizes to about one third of the original.

I also made a zip archive (500K) if you want the complete collection in one download.

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