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I am a senior researcher in the GraalVM compiler team at Oracle Labs.

Previously I was a Sourcerer in the Sourcery Tools Services group at Mentor. Before that I was a postdoc at CEA LIST, working on information flow analysis in the Frama-C source-code analysis framework, and at Inria Paris, in the Gallium research team, working on the CompCert formally verified compiler and on compiler optimizations in general.

I earned my PhD at the Institute of Computer Languages at Vienna University of Technology, where I was a research assistant. I was employed on various projects: the Spyculative project on analysis and optimization of the Python interpreter; the EPICOpt project on code generation for explicitly parallel processors; and in the ALL-TIMES project on timing analysis.

Research Interests

My general research interests include all sorts of program analysis and optimization topics. A specific current interest is finding missed optimizations in C (and other) compilers.

My PhD thesis concerned near-optimal integrated instruction scheduling and register allocation based on a PBQP formulation.


I wrote ldrgen, a generator of random C code for testing compiler optimizations. I also wrote pylibjit, a Python library for compiling Python functions.


I received the Best Paper Award at CC'18 for my paper on Finding Missed Compiler Optimizations by Differential Testing.


Some of my more interesting publications are:

Professional Activities

I co-organized the 15th Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computing (CPC 2010) at Vienna University of Technology.

Old Software

You might also be interested in SATIrE, a framework for source-based analysis of C and C++ programs.


In the past, I assisted in teaching courses on logic programming, functional programming, theory and logic, and optimizing compilers. I don't have any teaching duties at the moment. Yay!
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