Institute of Computer Languages
Compilers and Languages Group

Who is Responsible for What

Heads of organizational units:

Unit: Head:
Institute of Computer Languages Jens Knoop
Complang Group Jens Knoop
Christian Doppler Laboratory Andreas Krall

People who are responsible for specific duties:

Duty: Responsible:
System Administration and Maintenance Herbert Pohlai
Budget Jens Knoop
Acquisition Puntigam, Pohlai, Krall
Equipment Planning for Teaching Andreas Krall
Coordination of Software Engineering & Internet Computing M. Anton Ertl
Library and Publications (Group) Markus Schordan
ABIV and Publications DB (Department) Franz Puntigam
Computer Science Network eva Kühn
Rooms M. Anton Ertl
Keys Andreas Krall
Safety Herbert Pohlai
Web Pages eva Kühn

Information about research projects is available from the project leaders.

Please direct questions concerning specific courses directly to the organizers of the courses.

In all other cases please contact the secretariat.

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