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Franz Puntigam

Franz Puntigam

About Me:

In my research work and courses at the Complang Group of the TU Vienna I deal with the design and application of programming languages focusing on type concepts as well as object-oriented and concurrent programming.
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My research work focuses on a novel type system supporting synchronization of concurrent processes and reliable swapping of state-full software components.
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I offer mainly courses in the area of programming languages, object-oriented programming, and type systems. In these areas I supervise praktika as well as diploma and master's theses. (Information on courses is only in German.)
courses in winter (W) 2016/2017
courses in spring (S) 2017
Programmkonstruktion (PK, W+S)
Objektorientierte Programmiertechniken (OOP, W)
Typsysteme (W)
Programmiersprachen (S)
Fortgeschrittene objektorientierte Programmierung (FOOP, S)
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Contacting Me:

You can contact me by e-mail or phone (+43-1-58801-18514). Office hours are on Monday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
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