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Former Staff

The following table provides links to former and up-to-date web pages (as far as available) for a selection of people who worked in the Complang Group.

Former Faculty Members:
Andreas Falkner
Alexander Forst-Rakoczy former pages
Robert Glück up-to-date pages
Karl Kleissner (Distinguished Alumnus of the Faculty of Informatics)
Michael Kolarik
Wolfgang Laun up-to-date pages
Marcus Oppitz
Gottfried Razek
Franz Reichl up-to-date pages
Maximilian Sbardellati up-to-date pages
Bernhard Scholz former pages up-to-date pages
Markus Schordan ehemalige Seiten
Paul Tavolato up-to-date pages
Marinos-Joannis Yannikos former pages up-to-date pages
Former Project Staff:
Thomas Berger
Nerina Bermudo
Florian Brandner former pages
Dietmar Ebner former pages
Thom Frühwirth up-to-date pages
David Gregg former pages up-to-date pages
Thomas Gschwind up-to-date pages
Ulrich Hirnschrott former pages
Geri Joskowicz (TripCom)
Laszlo Keszthelyi
Gerhart Kobinger former pages
Michael Lafite
Sylvain Lelait up-to-date pages
Wei Liu
Thomas Ludwig
Martin Maierhofer
Richard Mordinyi up-to-date pages
Martin Murth (TripCom)
Christof Peter
Christian Pirker former pages
Adrian Prantl up-to-date pages
Mark Probst up-to-date pages
Ivan Pryanishnikov former pages
Johannes Riemer (TSC)
Karl Sabitzer
Fabian Schmied
Christian Schreiber
Konrad Schwarz
Viera Sipkova former pages
Thomas Tschernko
Jian Wang
Christian Wehrl
Other Former Staff:
Thomas Hollunder
Leonid Narinsky
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