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About Compilers and Languages

Complang is an abbreviation of the name of our institute Computer Languages as well as of our full group name: Compilers and Languages.

What We Do:

The Complang Group is devoted to the theory and practice of all aspects of the design, implementation and application of programming languages, and their interactions with related fields such as distributed systems, processor architecture, and operating systems. Topics of the institute's main focus in research and teaching are Most of these topics have much tradition in computer science. They build a foundation for nearly all applications of information technology, and new achievements in this area quite often have enormous influence on the practical use of computers as a whole. The Complang Group emphasizes the practical and enduring relevance of research results and course subjects.

What We Have:

Our probably most important capital is the extensive know-how of the mainly very experienced people in our group. Our good connections to numerous partners from industry and private and public research institutions are also of high values to us.
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Where We Belong To:

The Institute of Computer Languages consists of two groups: The institute belongs to the Faculty of Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology.

Our Address:

Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Computer Languages
Compilers and Languages Group
Argentinierstraße 8
1040 Vienna
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