Computer Programs for Role Playing Games

I try to collect programs for various computer systems that help the gamemaster of role playing games either to design the game or to run the game. If you have any submissions then send me mail. Please send also a short description of what you would like to see on my pages.

Stacks for HyperCard for the Macintosh
In this section you will find my HyperCard Stacks. Great for Powerbooks!
DOS/Windows Programs
In this section you will find programs that I collected from the Net or that were sent to me by other people.
Linux Programs
This is a new section. Up to now it contains only one program for Linux. I hope for more.
Source Code
In this section you will find mostly C source code which should compile on most machines.
Game Aids on the Web
In this section you will find links to programs which actually run on the Internet.

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