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Programs for DOS/Windows

On this page you will find programs that I collected from the Net or that were sent to me by other people. Note that I cannot test the programs because I don't use DOS or Windows. Please refer to the various authors if you have any questions.

Scroll Generator
Read the description of a program (pkzip, 34K) to generate scrolls for players.
Game Master's Mystical Mind
This fine program was uploaded to my site by Randy Rodrigues ( It is a gametime Role-Playing Game Aid for use with Microsoft Windows and is particularly well-suited for use with the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Game System.

The program allows for monitoring of combat elements real-time including all Monster statistics, and the ability to check for hits and misses on the fly. The program also utilizes a Game-time clock which features random encounter generation and excellent Spell and Player Database Capabilities. The spell-casting module allows for automatic Spell duration calculation, and monitors spell effects and durations during and between combat rounds. The combat tables can be saved in the middle of combat, or can be pre-generated, and stored for future use. This is a powerful time-saving tool for the GM, as random encounters can be pre-saved, and then brought up when needed. Other useful features include a Game Log, Dice Module, an attack sequence module, and a general input area which recognizes specifically phrased English for speech recognition hardware. Many more features are being added for future versions including player creation, Location modules including Stores, Taverns, Inns, Etc, and Dungeon and world maps. This is a freeware version.

See for details and updates.

Room Generator
A program (including C source code) to generate rooms (pkzip, 26K).
Character Generator
Here is a character generator (pkzip, 9K) which was uploaded by Kitana (

This program will roll the stats for a new character. When satisfied, you can print out a character's sheet with the stats included, save the info to disk, or print a blank character sheet and pencil in the stats that will be displayed on the screen. Very easy to use.

Character Sheet Generator
A character sheet generator (pkzip, 15K) which was uploaded by PiTFiEND (

This program will allow you to enter in the information needed to make an AD&D Character, such as race, class, etc.. but only the character info that never changes. It also allows you to create a FULL NPC, with ALL info including attributes (you must roll attributes by hand and then enter them, I will fix that in the next version so that it will do it for you). The program will also save a blank AD&D character sheet to a file for you which you can print, you can view the character, NPC, and the blank sheet. That's about it. Look for Version 3.0 soon.

Die Roller
Die Roller and Random Encounter Generator (DOS)
These two programs were uploaded to my site by Dan O'Donnell
Weather Generator
A weather generator (pkzip, 14K) in visual basic.
Tavern Generator
Two programs to generate taverns that were uploaded by BERNHARD SCHAFFER ( who writes
The programs are freeware. However, make sure to read the tavern.txt file. Please email me your geographical location, when you're using my file.
  1. Tavern Maker (pkzip, 35K) for DOS

    This programs "randomly creates" tavern-room descriptions ("At this table sits... etc"), pickpocket lists (what can be stolen... :) ) and menus as *.txt files. The descriptions are based on a database and not only randomly created ones. The Dos-Version is functional, but not very beautiful. It has a parameter-input and a little menu.

  2. Tavern Maker Shell for WIN95 (pkzip, 256K)

    This program needs the DOS program. It's only a (good) shell.

Character Generator
Here is a character generating program (16K) for QBasic45 or higher. It works, but you need to use the "print screen" button to print out character sheets. It was uploaded by, it took him an hour to make.
Name and Dice Generator
Here are a name and dice generator (pkzip, 25K) which were uploaded by They are written in VB3 and are made for Windows 95. You will require vbrun300.dll to run them. All freeware disclaimers are within the programs.

Programs on other sites

In this section you will find links to pages of other people who provide programs for DOS/Windows. If you find a broken link (or a missing link, if you miss your page or find some bones) then send me mail.

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