Programs for Linux (x86)

On this page you will find programs that I collected from the Net or that were sent to me by other people. Note that I did not test the programs. Please refer to the various authors if you have any questions.

Room generator and dungeon mapper

Zed Pobre took two of the source codes from my source code page and ported it to Linux. The binaries were compiled under i686 Linux kernel 2.0.33, but should work on any ix86 system with libc5 installed.

Here is the dungeonmapper package (50K) for Linux.

  dpkg -I output follows:

 new debian package, version 2.0.
 size 51628 bytes: control archive= 673 bytes.
     887 bytes,    22 lines      control              
 Package: dungeonmapper
 Priority: optional
 Section: local
 Version: 1.1-0.1z
 Architecture: i386
 Depends: libc5 (>= 5.4.33)
 Maintainer: Zed Pobre 
 Installed-Size: 84
 Description: Random AD&D-style dungeon generator
   This package includes two files, from two different authors.  The
   first, dungeonmapper, generates random AD&D-style dungeons with a
   variety of input options and outputs to either LaTeX or postscript
   format.  The second, roomgen, creates random room descriptions for
   dungeon-type areas.
   Modified to cleanly compile under Linux.  Both original and modified
   source code files are included in the doc directory.
   This package was intended to facilitate binary installation via the
   dpkg (Debian) package manager.  It does not adhere to the
   requirements for proper Debian packages and is not part of any
   official Debian distribution.
Services and Resources in a City
A program by to calculate the services and resources present in a city, given its population and a few facts about the surrounding area. The program optionally formats the output in HTML, as a text file, or both. The source and the program is available at John's web page at

Programs by other people

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