Dr.techn. Vesna Sesum-Cavic



Short CV

Graduated mathematician (Dipl.Math) and Magistar of Computer Science (Mag.) from University of Belgrade. Received a doctoral degree in Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology (Dr. techn.).
The main research areas: artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence, self-organization, theory and design of algorithms, complex systems, scalable distributed systems, multi-agent systems, space based computing.
Teaching topics: mathematical courses - a combination of real and complex analysis, differential equations, numerical analysis and linear algebra; programming courses - Programming Languages, Introduction to Informatics, Theory and Applications of Algorithms (University of Belgrade); Information and Communication Technologies, Optimization Methods, Computer Network and Web Applications, Introduction to Information Systems and Databases, Simulation and Modeling, Business Mathematics, Mathematical/Statistical Methods and Computation, Lin. Algebra, Databases, Business Information Systems, Personal Computers and Applications (MIU Vienna); Databases, ERP-systems, HTML programming (LBS Vienna).

Vienna University of Technology
Vienna University of Technology