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I started writing these web pages when I realized that there was hardly any information at all available to vegetarians in Austria, about eating in restaurants, self-catering and vegetarian-related contacts.

While reading these pages, please bear in mind that the information collected here is sometimes very subjective in nature (e.g. the comments in the Restaurant Guide ) and thus shouldn't be taken for granted - just as an opinion of an interested individual. Also, please note that I am not affiliated with any of the organizations, people, companies, restaurants etc. mentioned here.

General Information

According to my personal experience, it seems possible to keep an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet even if self-catering is a problem, as long as you don't worry about rennet in cheese (which is an annoying problem, since, as in most countries, there is no vegetarian cheese available marked as such). A vegan diet seems to be impossible unless you cook for yourself most of the time, since even the best-known vegetarian restaurants generally don't have strictly vegan dishes on their menu (you'll have to ask and trust the waiter). I'd like to hear from vegans in Austria and their experiences in that regard.

Restaurant Guide

Currently, an up-to-date version of the restaurant guide isn't available. However, you can still look at the old list or look at what IVI suggests.




Animals' Rights

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