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When someone recently contacted me to ask about things like vegetarian-friendly accomodation and good vegetarian restaurants in Vienna, I realized how little I knew about these things myself. Shortly after, I decided to gather some information and put them here for (vegetarian/vegan) visitors to Austria, in the hope that they'll be helpful. If what is available here seems to be incomplete or too little, it is because of two reasons: The first is, that it is not easy for a single individual to collect everything related to vegetarianism in Vienna, let alone Austria. The second, and rather disappointing reason is, that although there are strong animals' rights groups in Austria, as far as I can tell, only very little is happening with regard to vegetarianism.

Nevertheless, I hope this pages will be of some use to you. As stated in the disclaimer, I cannot guarantee that the information provided here is correct (although I do hope so!), but since I've tried to state my sources wherever possible/applicable, you can decide for yourself whether to believe me or not. :-)

Notes for Vegans: Since I'm an ovo-lacto-Vegetarian, I may have neglected Veganism in some parts of these pages. Please don't be upset, but help me correct things instead!

General Information about Vegetarianism in Austria

In my experience, although most people in Austria know that Vegetarians do not eat meat, you can't expect them to know as much about Vegetarianism as you do. If this is true for most countries of the world, it is even more important to remember it in this country, where many people don't eat enough vegetables, but most eat too much meat. Especially Veganism is widely unknown in Austria, so always remember to point out exactly what you do not eat (unless you eat in a vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly restaurant, which should be safe).


One of the most annoying facts about Austria is, that food, which is suitable for vegetarians, is generally not labelled as such. Thus, it is impossible to tell e.g. whether cheese is made without animal-derived rennet or not. You might think that "if you can't get it, you can't get it" and ignore the fact that cheese is mostly non-vegetarian here, but if you don't, the only alternative is to avoid eating cheese (or bring some with you!). Fortunately, some cheese products are explicitly labelled as containing rennet (usually Italian parmesan cheese etc.).

Vegetarian or Vegetarian-friendly Restaurants

This list of restaurants was taken from a leaflet (titled "Lokale - Vegetarische Kost", meaning "restaurants/cafes - Vegetarian Food"), given to me by an animals' rights activist group member in Vienna, during an "exhibition" of photographs showing how animals are treated before and while being slaughtered for human consumption. I haven't tried most of these restaurants yet, but those I've eaten at have appropriate comments (all IMHO, of course). I've tried to faithfully reproduce the complete list here, as far as this was possible while translating it from German at the same time (my comments are in this text style), ignoring all potential copyright problems (since there was no such notice on the leaflet, nor do I know who designed it). I've also added a few entries on my own and will continue to do so as I find new candidates.

Wien (Vienna) [20 entries]

Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) [1 entry]

Oberösterreich (Upper Austria) (empty!)

Steiermark (Styria) [3 entries]

Burgenland (empty!)

Salzburg (empty!)

Vorarlberg (empty!)

Tirol (Tyrol) [2 entries]

Kärnten (Carinthia) (empty!)

Vegetarian/Vegan shopping list

This section contains information about specific noteworthy products; noteworthy because they are either produced especially for vegetarians and vegans, or because they're not suitable for vegetarians even though they may appear so at first. Note that all the information contained here is AFAIK and IMHO (whichever is applicable).

Products suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Other wholefood and soya-based products can be purchased in most of the numerous wholefood stores (usually called "Reformhaus").

Products unsuitable for vegetarians


So far, I've only found one Vegetarian organization in Austria, the local branch of the EVU (European Vegetarian Union):
Österreichische Vegetarier-Union
Erwin Laupert
Brucknerstraße 59/18
A-8010 Graz

Other Web resources for Vegetarians


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