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Handbooks for Role Playing Games

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These handbooks, guides, and lists can be used for a variety of role playing games. Some of the guides which are specifically designed for AD&D might be contradictory to TSR's Code of Ethic and thus might not be allowed on TSR approved servers.

The Net Book of Plots

The Net Book of Plots is a collection of adventure ideas. These ideas are classified by length, genre, type, and setting to make it easier to find the right plot for your game.

ASCII Versions

HTML Version

All of Volumes 1-6 (with a total of 307 plots) are in a new format which made it possible to convert them to a HTML-Version. The HTML files are also available as a one archive (pkzip, 580K).


Cesar's Netbook

This is a description of the game world of Jean Junior BeLand. It contains new rules, races, spells, monsters, and anything else you would expect for a campaign. There are two versions available (Jan. 1996):




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