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What is Torero ?

The basic concepts of Attribute Grammars were introduced by Donald E. Knuth in 1968 and have shown themselves to be a useful formalism for specifying the syntax and the static semantics of programming languages.

Actually, Torero is a tool to assist the design of Attribute Grammars and supports the extension of Yacc Grammars to Ox Attribute Grammars. It is an interactive Java application that allows to make attribuations to yacc grammars in a graphical environment and with a graphical user interface. By means of example derivation trees it demonstrates and eases the procedure of making attribuations. This tool helps beginners to get a better understanding for Attribute Grammars and experts to gain an overview of a new grammar quickly and easily.



2004-11-06 Released Version b0.9b (Bugfix Release)
2002-05-04 Released Version b0.9a
2002-05-04 Published Source of Version b0.9a

2002-03-08 Released Version b0.8


User Documentation

Guided Tutorial [online html]
Reference [online html]
User Documentation download [gnu-zipped ps] [gnu-zipped html]

Installation Guide



Torero b0.9b package download
Torero b0.9a package download
Torero b0.9a source and javadoc avaliable.

Torero b0.8 package download

How to start Torero as an applet in a browser.



Torero is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.



If you've any questions about out Project feel free to contact us via email.

If you're encountering any troubles using Torero please send us an email with a brief error description and the input file(s) used.



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