A Guided Tour of GUPU

Notice: The current behavior of GUPU differs slightly from the one displayed here. In particular, GUPU supports now not only German but also French and English.

Conventions. The tour shows an interactive program. Most pages show

  1. a part of GUPU's screen like:
    kind_von(marie_antoinette, maria_theresia).
  2. an explanation of what we see like:
    This fact states that Marie-Antoinette is a child of Maria Theresia.
  3. and finally a description of how to perform the next step. Sometimes a link is found in the description, sometimes something else must be done, like "going back" with your browser or "clicking somewhere into the screen".
    The next step in the tour is indicated at the end of the page like so:
    **NEXT: To start the tour select the first item "Basic Interaction" below.
Table of Contents.
  1. Basic Interaction (5 min)
  2. Assertions and Queries (5 min)
  3. Questions (2 min)
  4. Partial Evaluation (3 min)
  5. Side Effect Free I/O
  6. Slicing (under construction)
  7. Automated Prenotation (under construction)