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GUPU is an environment specialized for Prolog and constraint programming courses. You find here a description of the system containing a guided tour. This page is addressed to persons interested in teaching Prolog.

Read the most recent description of GUPU! Declarative program development in Prolog with GUPU.

A pictoral overview of the themes covered. Further documents.

Highlights of GUPU

GUPU has been realized/maintained since 1991 by Ulrich Neumerkel, TU Wien, Institut für Computersprachen. There have been many contributors. In alphabetical order:

Stefan Kral, Martin Lackner, Fred Mesnard, Christoph Rettig, Christian Schallhart, Tamás Schmidt, Markus Triska, Martin Trummer.

It is used since 1992 for Prolog programming courses and student projects at TU Wien, U. de la Réunion, U. Duisburg Essen, and U. Klagenfurt.
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