Explanation of the acronym GUPU

Gesprächsunterstützende Programmierübungsumgebung - conversation supporting programming course environment, vowels rhyme with guru

Further (unintended) meanings

In 1992 I wanted a unique acronym. By sheer serendipity the following meanings were implied.
Norwegian city and family name. Example
gupu, [Chamorro] University of Guam
to fly. Source.
egupu, [Sindhu]
flight, increase. Source.
kupu-kupu, [Indonesian], [Malay]
butterfly. Source
gupu, [Japanese]
Seems to be a name. GUPU
gupupu, [Japanese]
group (like business group?)
khoupu, [Japanese]
beaten or felted mulberry cloth; a precursor of paper. Source
gupu cha, [Chinese]
A combination of Pu-erh and Chrysanthemum tea. There are also other natural Chinese products with the same name. Source.
kupu, [Mäori]
saying, text, word, message, dispatch.
In anay Gupu wana
A song. Source.
gupu, [Gunya]
elbow. Source.
gupu, [Kapampangan]
inactive due to old age. Source.
gupu, [?]
rumor; a message passed from one person to the next without verification of its accuracy. Source.
Gupu (Plains Kangaroo)
gupu [lativian, polish, serbian, czeck]
Probably a spelling error, meaning actually grupu. Source
Groupement des usagers du port de Tuléar
A 'document-centric' open source client-side editor for Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer. Source Quote:
What does Kupu mean? Kupu is Maori and means word, statement, remark. Kupu kupu is Indonesian and means butterfly. Hence, the blue butterfly is Kupu's mascot.
gupu, [Sardinian]
ladle. Source.
Gupu Village
Village in the town Anting, Shanghai.