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Talks 2006 - Helmut Veith

The Compilers and Languages Group invites you to a talk given by

Prof. Dr. Helmut Veith

(TU München, Deutschland) on

Proving Ptolemy Right: Environment Abstraction for Concurrent Systems

Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Time: 16:00 (s.t.)
Location: TU Wien, Elektrotechnik, Hörsaal EI 5 (Hochenegg-Hörsaal), Gußhausstraße 25-29 (Altbau), 2. Stock


Concurrent systems are notoriously error-prone and hard to analyze, both for human engineers and verification tools. In this talk, we describe environment abstraction, a method for automated verification of concurrent systems with an unbounded number of processes. In environment abstraction, the abstract state space describes properties of the concurrent system from the point of view of individual processes. We argue that for systems designed by human programmers this Ptolemaic viewpoint yields precise and feasible abstract models. We present examples of disrtibuted algorithms and cache coherence protocols which where successfully verified by enviromnent abstraction.

About Prof. Dr. Helmut Veith:

Helmut Veith is a professor at Munich Technical University, and an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He received a diploma (1994) and a PhD sub auspiciis praesidentis (1998) from Vienna University of Technology. Prior to his appointment to Munich in 2003, he was associate professor at Vienna University of Technology.
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