Viera Sipkova
Christian Doppler Laboratory
Compilation Techniques for Embedded Processors

Institute for Computer Languages
Vienna University of Technology
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Curriculum Vitae
Personal Information
Birth date November 4, 1950
Birth place Bratislava, Slovakia
Nationality Slovakia
Marital status single
RNDr. (Rerum Naturalium Doctor)
in Computer Science
University of Bratislava
M. Sc., Mathematics University of Bratislava
High School Diploma (Matura) Gymnasium in Pezinok
Professional Information
Vienna University of Technology
Research Assistant
University of Vienna
1991 - 2002
Research Assistant
Slovak Academy of Sciences
1974 - 1991
Research Assistant
Since 1974 to 1991 I have worked at the Institute of Informatics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. I started to work on some small projects which were concerned with the computer control of some industrial equipments. Later I was engaged in the project which was focussed on parallel computers of SIMD type. I have participated in the design and implementation of the basic software tools - assembler, linker, debugger, and high-level language similar to Module 2 and its compiler, for such computers. At this period I gained a good deal of practical experience in programming in assembler, Fortran, Pascal, Modula-2, and C, and operating systems DOS and UNIX; and a basic experience in Oracle.
Since August 1991 till 2002 I have worked at the Institute for Software Science at the University of Vienna. So far, I have participated on two projects of the European Union Information Technology Program (ESPRIT), on the international project (PACT) that involved partners from Austria, Italy, and several eastern countries, on the special national research project (AURORA), and currently, on the special project (ADVANCE) within the co-operation with the NEC CCRLE in Germany.
I contributed to the development of the High Performance Fortran (HPF) compiler and runtime system. The main area of my work involves the automatic parallelization of scientific and engineering applications for distributed-memory multiprocessors. Particularly, I focused on parallelization of irregular codes, where the communication between processors must be computed at runtime. The implementation has been done in Fortran90, C, C++, PUMA (special system for transformation of abstract syntax trees), and MPI (Message Passing Interface) running under operating systems SOLARIS and LINUX, where I have a great deal of experience.
Since April 2002 till now I have worked in the Christian Doppler Laboratory Compilation Techniques for Embedded Processors of the Institute for Computer Languages at the Vienna University of Technology. My research topic is high-level compiler optimizations, particularly, automatic data partitioning for banked and interleaved memories.