The lispreader library

lispreader is a small library for reading expressions in Lisp syntax. It has originally been written to facilitate simple exchange of structured data between processes but its main purpose is now to provide a framework for reading configuration files. To simplify interpretation of the data read, lispreader also provides functions for simple matching of expressions against patterns.


04-02-2005 Released version 0.5.

11-29-2000 Released version 0.4.

07-01-2000 Released version 0.3.

04-13-2000 Released version 0.2.


A reference manual for lispreader is included in the distribution in texinfo, info and html format.

For changes between versions check the NEWS file.


Get the source of version 0.5 here.

Legal Conditions

lispreader is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

The Author

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