Forth 200x

The short story

A new standards process (Forth 200x) for updating the '94 standard is underway. It will produce a formal standards document; proposals for changes to the '94 standard should run through the RfD/CfV process before being discussed at the standards meeting. There is now a mailing list for RfDs/CfVs and other issues related to the Forth 200x effort. The next standards meeting will be held on the day before EuroForth 2005, i.e., on Oct 20th, 2005 in Santander (Spain). It has not been decided whether an official standards body (like ISO) will be involved.

The long story

At EuroForth 2004 we had a workshop Forth 2005 about an update of the Forth standard. There's a picture of the blackboard (1.3MB) that summarizes the main points. The participants decided to take some votes, so you see some vote results. Here's the decoded (and more bandwidth-friendly) form:
Anton Ertl