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About the RfD/CfV process

There have been some thoughts about revising the standard. In order to do that, those in the standards committee should know what the system implementors and the programmers are already doing in that area, and what they would be willing to do, or wish for.

To do that, I am trying a system here that is somewhat like the RfD/CfV system for deciding about newsgroups: A proponent of an extension or change to the standard writes up a proposal; this proposal is then published here as an RfD (request for discussion), and others can then comment on the proposal; the proponent can modify the proposal, taking the comments into consideration, or he can ignore some of the comments (if that's a problem for the commenters, they can make a competing proposal, or somesuch).

Anyway, once a proposal has settled down, it enters the CfV (call for votes) stage, where system implementors state, wheter their system implements this proposal, or what the chances are that it ever will. Similarly, programmers can state whether they have used stuff like that proposed, and wheter they would use the proposed extension once it is standardized. After a deadline, a preliminary poll result will be published, but the poll will remain open for adding to the Web page (especially system implementors are invited to do that).

Anton Ertl