LinLogFS -- A Log-Structured Filesystem For Linux

LinLogFS was formely known as dtfs.

(Name change to avoid conflicts with SCO's dtfs)

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Goal of the Project

The goal of the project is to implement a log-structured file system within the Linux 2.2.x kernels. LinLogFS has a filesystem-independent core that provides general services required for a log-structured file system and uses a "traditional" file system implementation to do the actual filesystem/VFS operations.

The tradtional file system of choice is currently Linux' ext2 file system.

Using the ext2 file system together with the log-structured core should both reduce the implementation work required to be done and facilitate the future maintainence of LinLogFS: Additions to the ext2 file system features should (hopefully) be easy to integrate into the LinLog file system too.

Status of the Project

Basic filesystem operations are almost done. You should be able to perform all filesystem operations on a LinLogFS filesystem. What does not work right now is:


The LinLogFS "FAQ"

This page contains general information about what LinLogFS actually is, etc...

Download the current version of LinLogFS

LinLogFS is now quite easy to install. But be aware that LinLogFS is nevertheless not practially usable as long as the items listed above are still unresolved.

Current Design Issues

This page lists a number of topics that are currently considered for addition to LinLogFS. The list found on this page is mainly motivated by my experiences during the work on LinLogFS so far.

The LinLogFS Mailing List

There is now a mailing list for LinLogFS. Future versions of LinLogFS will be announced there. Click on the link above to get information on how to subscribe to this mailing list.

The LinLogFS Documentation Page

If you're interested in the internals of dtfs, having a look at this page is highly recommended. You'll find a postscript document outlining the design and the implementation of LinLogFS there. Furthermore, a few older (and partly outdated) LinLogFS-related documents/design considerations can be found there, too.

Progress Of The Project/Current Tasks

The LinLog changelog page can be found here.

Related Information

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