The LinLogFS Download Page

Latest Modification: Feb, 23rd. 2000


I have access to Linux/intel and Linux/Alpha. My current development plattform is Linux/intel, but I regularly test LinLogFS on the Alpha.

However, due to a problem with the mkfs utility, LinLogFS is currently not usable on Big Endian plattform.s

Current Version

linlog-2000-02-23.tgz version from Feb. 23rd. 2000.

What is in this package:

This package contains a kernel patch for adding LinLogFS support to Linux 2.2.14. This should make it quite straightforward for the potential LinLogFS tester (and making test releases less tedious for me... ;-)) Furthermore, some utilities are also included (such as a make filesystem utility). For more information, please have a look at the README file in this tarball.

Christian Czezatke, email: