IVME03 Program and Papers

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Session 1: 9:05-10:15

9:05 Opening remarks
9:15 Embedding an Interpreted Language Using Higher-Order Functions and Types (Abstract, Paper)
Norman Ramsey (Harvard)
9:45 Executable JVM Model for Analytical Reasoning: A Study (Abstract, Paper)
Hanbing Liu, J Strother Moore (UT Austin)
Coffee break

Session 2: 10:45-11:15

10:45 A Portable Virtual Machine Target for Proof-Carrying Code (Abstract, Paper)
Michael Franz, Deepak Chandra, Andreas Gal, Vivek Haldar, Fermin Reig and Ning Wang (UC Irvine)

Plenary session (FCRC invited talk): 11:30-12:30, Grand Ballroom

11:30 Building a Web Warehouse
Hector Garcia-Molina (Stanford)


Session 3: 14:00-15:30

14:00 Generation of Fast Interpreters for Huffman Compressed Bytecode (Abstract, Paper)
Mario Latendresse (FNMOC/US Navy), Marc Feeley (Université de Montréal)
14:30 The Case for Virtual Register Machines (Abstract, Paper)
Brian Davis, Andrew Beatty, Kevin Casey, David Gregg and John Waldron (Trinity College Dublin)
15:00 Dynamic Native Optimization of Interpreters (Abstract, Paper)
Gregory T. Sullivan, Derek L. Bruening, Iris Baron, Timothy Garnett, Saman Amarasinghe (MIT)
Coffee break

Session 4: 16:00-17:30

16:00 Joeq: A Virtual Machine and Compiler Infrastructure (Abstract, Paper)
John Whaley (Stanford)
16:30 Engineering a Customizable Intermediate Representation (Abstract, Paper)
K. Palacz, J. Baker, C. Flack, C. Grothoff, H. Yamauchi, J. Vitek (Purdue)
17:00 Open discussion and closing remarks

Anton Ertl

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