Vistapro Pictures

These pictures were rendered with the program Vistapro.

Mandelbrot Rock The Mandelbrot set, 640x480, 79K

Mountain without clouds A fractal mountain without clouds, 640x480, 120K

Mountain with lake Mountain with lake, 640x480, 103K

Maui beach Maui beach, 1024x768, 117K

The elevation data of the next three pictures was taken from the grayscale information of a picture of a cat!!!

Cat 11280x960, 296K

Cat 21280x960, 104K

Cat 31280x960, 134K

The next two pictures feature palms and cacti.

Beach 1640x480, 87K

Beach 2640x480, 98K

Three fractal mountains with beautiful lakes.

Lake 1800x600, 149K

Lake 2800x600, 134K

Lake 3800x600, 102K

The Grand Canyon with "slightly" changed colors and vegetation. :-)

Green Canyon800x600, 105K

First try of a thunderstorm.

Thunderstorm800x600, 73K

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