11th Logic Programming Workshop

The Gesellschaft für Logisches Programmieren GLP - a subsection of the Association for Logic Programming ALP - and the sections 1.1 and 1.2 of the Gesellschaft für Informatik GI invite you to participate at the

         11th Logic Programming Workshop

           Technische Universität Wien

             27. - 29. September 1995
Logic programming originates from the discovery that a subset of predicate logic can be given a procedural interpretation thus forming the basis for logic programming languages like Prolog, its extensions and successors. The unique features of logic programming make it especially attractive for many applications in artificial intelligence, program development, databases, processing of language, computer aided design, programming with constraints etc.

The program of the Logic Programming Workshop will include presentations of a selection of the submitted papers and demonstrations. Papers are welcome on all aspects of logic programming, including, but not limited to:

In the last years, the Logic Programming Workshop took place in Germany and attracted mainly German participants. Last year's workshop took place in Zurich - and this year's will be hold in Vienna. We explicitly address researchers, students, developers and users of logic programming of the three German speaking countries Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The languages will be German and English.

Program Committee


Andreas Krall
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Technische Universität Wien
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Submission of contributions        July 3 1995
Notification of authors            August 4 1995
Final versions of contributions    September 1 1995
Workshop                           September 27 - 29 1995

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