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  1. An Energy Efficient and Massively Parallel Approach to Valid Numerics (Slidecast)
  2. Unum Summary (in progress)
  3. D: Implement the "unum" representation in D
  4. MSO: How and where to ask about unums? asked 2015-05-27 11:39:26Z. My ill-fated attempt to collect some information which presumably caused a user to delete (that is "merge") the following Wikipedia entry:
  5. WP: The current Wikipedia entry, and the last state before deletion
  6. Pyunum - the first Python prototype.
  7. PSE: How can unums emulate IEEE's negative zero?
  8. Unum computing group
  9. The Great Debate @ARITH23 Gustafson vs. Kahan (Details: EndErErs, SORNers)
  10. Unum 2.0, rather Type 2 Unums.
  11. John Gustafsons's Unum page
  12. Level 3 Unum talk, comparison
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