Announcing the PAP'95 and PACT'95 conferences....

                 The Third International Conference on

             The Practical Applications of PROLOG - PAP'95

                 Monday 3rd April - Friday 6th April 1995

            The Hotel Sofitel Paris St Jacques, Paris, France

                The Commercial Value of Prolog:-

            An Exploration Through Practical Applications

The PAP conferences are the world's showcase for Prolog systems and
applications. Outstanding examples of fielded industrial applications from
all over the world formed the core of the previous two conferences.

In recognition of the international status of Prolog technology, this event
takes place outside the UK for the first time, and features a rich mix of
excellent speakers from international companies, tutorials presented by the
world's leading developers of state-of-the-art systems, and exhibits of the
latest applications, tools and products.

This year's Conference and Exhibition will focus on the industrial and
commercial exploitation of Prolog and Constraint Logic Programming.

PAP'95 will bring together major Prolog users, researchers, developers  and
suppliers, in a relaxed but productive setting, to explore the growing
capability and power of these rapidly evolving technologies.

An industrial exhibition will accompany the main conference, providing
delegates and visitors with an opportunity to see demonstrations of the
latest Prolog technology.


PAP'95 includes invited talks from:

Oskar Bartenstein, IF Computer Japan
     Prolog Success Factors - Current Trends in the East

Ross Overbeek, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
     Genetic Sequence Analysis - the Grand Challenge

David Hovel, Microsoft Research, USA
     The Use of Prolog in Windows/NT Network  Configuration

Professor Luis Moniz Pereira, Lisbon University, Portugal
     Prolog Applications: the Portuguese Twenty-Year Experience


Monday 3rd April, 14:00 - 17:30

Tutorial  1A - Prolog for Software Engineering
                       Peter Reintjes, IBM - T.J.Watson Research Center
                       Leon Sterling, Case Western Reserve University

Tutorial  1B - Applications of Constraint Programming
                       Mark Wallace, IC PARC.

Tuesday 4th April, 9:00 - 12:30

Tutorial  2A -  How to teach Prolog:  Teaching beginners Prolog
                        Ulrich Neumerkel, Technical University of Vienna

Tutorial  2B -  Planning and Scheduling
                        Helmut Simonis, COSYTEC

 Tuesday 4th April, 14:00 - 17:30

Tutorial  3A -  Object-Oriented Programming in Prolog
                        Chris Moss, Imperial College,
                        Bruce Smith , Quintus Corporation

Tutorial  3B -  User-Defined Constraints in CLP
                        Micha Meier, ECRC

PAP'95 CONFERENCE       Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th April

A two day conference designed to cater for the varied interests of each
delegate. Invited lectures by a number of world authorities on Prolog lead
this multi-track conference, with the main programme featuring a wide cross
section of application stories, case studies and technical presentations.

*    Two day multi-level conference and exhibition
*    Presentations from leading international developers
*    Bound copy of conference proceedings
*    Lunches and Gala Dinner
*    Poster Session

PACT'95 CONFERENCE      Friday 7th April

This year sees the launch of PACT'95, a special one-day conference and
exhibition on the practical application of constraint technology. This
sister event will focus on the industrial exploitation of Constraint
Programming and Constraint Logic Programming, examine the benefits for
business, and indicate the future trends of this important technology.

This exciting one-day event includes presentations from leading
international companies which have successfully introduced this key
technology, case studies, technology overviews, demonstrations, and round
table panel discussion. PACT'95 will provide an opportunity to find out how
companies in many industries are controlling their costs, and achieving
superior customer service through the application of constraint technology.

EXHIBITION              PAP'95: Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th April
                                PACT'95:        Friday 7th April

Leading suppliers of Prolog based products and services will provide
practical displays of Prolog applications and development tools. Delegates
will have the opportunity to see the latest Prolog systems and to discuss
at length any issues with individual companies. The exhibition is open to
non-delegates and will be adjacent to the conference sessions.


PAP'95 is supported and sponsored individual members of the Prolog
Management Group, an international organisation of companies including
AdTrack, AI International, ALS, Boeing, BIM, Cosytec, Dassault
Electronique, DS Logics, SLIGOS-Delphia, ECRC, IBM, ICON, Integral
Solutions, IQSoft, LPA, Paralogic, Prolog Development Center, PrologIA,
Quintus Corporation, SICS, and Siemens Nixdorf. The PMG aims to demonstrate
the successful use of Prolog throughout industry and commerce for the
development of practical, real-world applications.

COMPULOG NET is the Network of Excellence in Computational Logic supported
by the ESPRIT Program of the European Union. Founded in 1991, this
fast-expanding network already links over 90 centres in leading European
Universities, research institutions, and industrial companies.

INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) is
a French public sector scientific and technological institute under the
responsibility of the Ministry for Research and the Ministry of Industry.
INRIA's missions include basic and applied research, design of experimental
systems, technology and knowledge transfer, international scientific
exchanges, contribution to international cooperation programmes, scientific
assessments, contribution to standardisation.

UNICOM SEMINARS is a value-added information company, specialising in high
quality seminars, conferences, well-focused workshops and business to
business information products. Unicom publishes a series of industry
reports and books which are carefully reviewed by professional peers. The
company specialises in the fields of Software Development, Corporate
Information Systems, Telecommunications, Computing / Multimedia Convergence
and IT in management.


The Conference Organiser is Al Roth, and the Sponsorship and Exhibition
Coordinator is Clive Spenser, PMG Treasurer, and Marketing Director of
Logic Programming Associates.

The Chair of the Programme Committee is Andre' Marien, BIM. The Tutorial
Chair is Peter Reintjes, IBM Watson Research Centre. The Programme
Committee is drawn worldwide from industry leaders including Boeing,
Dassault Electronique, British Telecommunications, Lockheed Canada,
Motorola, US West, British Petroleum, and first rate universities and
research organisations.


The organisers of PAP'95 are also grateful for the support of PC AI
magazine and the Windows/DOS Developers Journal.

PAP'95 is run in cooperation with the Association of Logic Programming,
AFCET, ALP, and its French national equivalent ALPS.











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