Comments on 13211-3 draft of 2010-07-18

Ulrich Neumerkel, 2010-07-21 history
Source for 13211-3 draft, Comments on version of 2010-04-01

There are several points lacking in the current draft:

  1. Remove Paulo Moura as editor, add to previous editors
  2. Explicit mentioning of list differences / difference lists is needed. The following example cannot be explained otherwise.
    ?- phrase(t, [], [a]).
    t, [a] --> [].
    Right-hand context.
  3. Unchanged errors:
    1. 10 Logical expansion still there with the same error.
    2. 11 Reference implementation same errors.
    3. 12.3 Grammar rule translator tests same errors 802.
    4. Meta interpreter still there
  4. Unchanged: Missing informal descriptions of DCG constructs.
  5. Unchanged: No specification of relevant properties. In particular steadfastness.
  6. Unchanged: Overspecification due to irrelevant and incorrect code of several reference implementations.
  7. Unchanged: No clear organization
For all further comments, see the previous comments.
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