Constraint Logic Programming Research at Institut für Computersprachen



Implementation of Aristo
A CLP language that features coroutining and finite domain constraints (Thomas Graf of DMS GmbH, Andi Krall, Anton Ertl). Diplomarbeit.
High-level constraints
over finite domains (Anton Ertl, Andi Krall). The basic idea is better known as constructive disjunction, but we make better (well, at least different) use of it than other papers. Paper (Constraint Processing Workshop at CSAM'93), short german version (9. Workshop Logische Programmierung).
Optimal instruction scheduling
A CLP application (Anton Ertl, Andi Krall). Paper (PLILP'91).
CLP benchmarks
You can find some here.
Bibtex entries for our papers (including abstracts) can be found here.

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