PPPJ 2010: 8th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Programming in Java

September 15-17 2010 Vienna, Austria

Picture of the Vienna University of Technology Picture of the Karlskirche Aerial view of Vienna Unversity of Technology with Karlsplatz

Author Information

You should be using the ACM SIGPLAN style for proceedings, available here.

Important! The following two sections are mandatory in the ACM proceedings format.

Cataloging Information

Please apply the ACM Computing Classification categories and terms. Details and the classification scheme can be found here.

The \category, \terms and \keywords commands in the SIGPLAN LaTeX class are used to set the cataloging information at the beginning of your paper.

Categories and Subject Descriptors
are taken from the CCS classification tree.
General Terms
are a selection of three terms out of a list of 16.
are further indexing terms of your choice.

Conference and Copyright Information

The following three LaTeX lines will produce the correct conference information and copyright statement on the front page.
\conferenceinfo{PPPJ '10,} {September 15--17, 2010, Vienna, Austria.}

Final reminders

  1. Don't forget to remove the preprint option.
  2. Verify that you are using Type 1 fonts, which are embedded in the final PDF.
  3. The PDF file needs to be formatted for letter paper.

In the end, please send the camera-ready paper in PDF format to pppj10@complang.tuwien.ac.at.

In case there should be problems with your file, you will be required to correct them yourself and send a new version. Still, we kindly ask you to include a zipped archive of all sources and resources that are necessary to generate the camera-ready paper.