DOSVNC - a DOS Viewer for VNC

Wed Apr 28 19:08:13 MET DST 1999

The binaries for version 1.1 are here. The source code (for v1.0) is available as well now.

(older versions are here).

New features since version 1.0 are:

If you need a version that can run in 1MB RAM (this one doesn't) and are willing to help me with testing it, please contact me.

Do you need packet drivers for your ethernet card? Get them from Jumbo!

Here's a ping.exe (ZIP-compressed) to help you test your packet driver and TCP/IP configuration (it uses the same wattcp.cfg file as vncview.exe).

Could someone with a serial connection please try the PPP packet driver and tell me if it works?

A list of hardware/software configurations known to work with one version of the DOS VNC viewer is here. Please submit your configuration using the format described on that page. I'm particularly interested in hearing about low-end configurations such as 386sx-based PCs without FPU, 2MB RAM, monochrome VGA displays etc.

Known Bugs:

Marinos J. Yannikos (