Fortgeschrittene objektorientierte Programmierung
LVA 185.211, VU, 3 ECTS, 2017 S

First Assignment

Network Game

Design and implement a network-based snake game in an object-oriented programming language of your choice (but not in a language specialized for game development). The game shall correspond to the following description.

Each player (real person or computer algorithm taking part in the game) is represented by a snake that wavelikely wiggles on the playing field. A player controls her/his snake by changing the major direction of snake movement and causing the snake to bite into anything close to its head. Different kinds of artefacts (food, medicine, toxin, trap, toy, etc.) randomly show up for a while. These artefacts influence the behavior of snakes permanently or for a while when touched or bitten, for example by increasing or decreasing the health level, speed, size or the time to react on commands from the player. Snakes touching each other increase their health level and speed for a while. But, the health level of a snake bitten by another snake (or itself) dramatically decreases, depending on the sizes of the biting and bitten snakes. A snake dies if its health level goes below some value. The game ends after a predetermined amount of time. Winner is the largest snake that is still alive at the end.

Each player uses his/her own computer connected to a network. The communication between the computers shall be efficient enough to avoid noticeable delays for up to four players. All players shall get the same information at about the same time.

Please select appropriate details of the game by yourselves. Give your fancy full scope.

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