Links to Forth programs

This page contains links to Forth programs, mostly found on comp.lang.forth. I mainly concentrate on ANS Forth and Gforth programs, and programs that might run on Gforth one day.
title/link  System  Description, Author
pso         gforth  Particle-swarm optimization, Ahmed Melahi
ps-example  gforth  Example: Graphical output through Ghostscript, Anton Ertl
SDL/GL Tut. gforth  SDL/OpenGL tutorials, Tim Trussel
repost      gforth  Check for or repost Usenet postings, Anton Ertl
anstests    ANS     Test for Forth-94 compliance of system, Gerry Jackson
Paranoia    ANS     Floating-point precision test, Krishna Myneni
hexfloat    ANS     Conversion between IEEE FP and various formats, David N. Williams
lexex       ANS     Benchmark: Build FSM for a scanner, Gerry Jackson
Grace       ANS     Parser Generator (daugther of Gray), Gerry Jackson 
StrongForth ANS     Statically typed variant of Forth, Stephan Becher
TCP Server  Gforth  Forth-specific Superserver (think inetd), Petter Egesund
Taxi        ANS     Ramanujan's Taxi numbers, Anton Ertl
false       ANS     Interpreter for False, Ben Hoyt
fsl         ANS     Forth Scientific Library, various authors
fsl         Gforth  FSL with improvements, Krishna Myneni
fgp         ANS     Go program, Ian Osgood
flops       gforth  floating-point benchmark, Marcel Hendrix
benchm      i/gforth MPE benchmarks, Stephen Pelc, Marcel Hendrix     
LexGen      ANS     Scanner Generator, Gerry Jackson
sudoku4     ANS     Sudoku puzzle solver, Jorge Acereda
sudoku3     gforth  Partial Sudoku puzzle solver, Anton Ertl
cordic      gforth  CORDIC algorithm for transcendental functions, Neal Bridges
wildcmp     ?       string matching with wildcards, Charles Melice
Star Trek   gforth  Super Star Trek text game (buggy), Krishna Myneni
OMTL        gforth  Open Memory Test Language (only parser works), Dennis Ruffer
ffl         ANS     Forth Foundation Library (intended to be ANS), Dick van Oudheusden
spreadsheet i/gforth Spreadsheet, S. Fisher (based on mini-spread)
mini-spread gforth  Spreadsheet, Chess Player
pentomino   ANS     Pentomino (6x10), Bruce Hoyt
mpent4x15   ANS     Pentomino (4x15), Albert van der Horst
sodoku2     ANS     Sudoku puzzle solver (fast), Robert Spykerman
sodoku      ANS     Sudoku puzzle solver (slow), Robert Spykerman
sun         ANS     compute sunrise/sunset, Neal Bridges et al.
sbpcp       gforth  count primes (faster, supports 64-bit)
yapcp       gforth  count primes (32-bit only)
mandel      gforth  8 line Mandelbrot
fpout17     ANS     FP output words v 1.7 by Ed
b18text     ANS     Chess board by Ray St. Marie
fcp         ANS     Chess program by Ian Osgood
anagrams    ANS     Anagram generator, get whole directory
anagrams    iForth  slow Anagram generator, needs dawg 
ftran       ANS     Mini-fortran to Forth compiler, Julian Noble
whist       iForth  Romanian Whist, Marcel Hendrix
color       ANS     Forth to HTML converter, Brad Eckert et al.
vibe        ANS     VI-like Block Editor, Samuel A. Falvo II
mf          ANS     text editor, Leo Wong
lf          ANS     word processor, Leo Wong
bmw         ANS     word processor, Bruce McFarling

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