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\Section{Restaurant Guide}

The map on the next page shows restaurants and other food sources near
the ETAPS lecture theaters.

\subsection{Comments on the map}

Most restaurants offer lunch specials (Menü: several courses;
Tagesteller: one course) for about \EUR{5}--\EUR{8} (without drinks
and tips).  Those that do not and that do not have regular meals in
that range are marked as * (expensive) on the map.

Most Cafés offer lunch specials and small meals; those that offer a
menu of full meals are usually marked as Viennese restaurants (V).

Bakeries usually also offer various kinds of sandwiches.

The restaurants shown on the map are open for lunch and usually for
dinner.  Restaurants that only open for dinner are not shown; you can
find some dinner-only places near the crossing of Schleifmühlgasse and
Mühlgasse.  There are also a lot of restaurants in the inner city
(towards the north), usually in side streets.

The Naschmarkt (\textbf{1}) between Rechte and Linke Wienzeile is
mainly a market for fruit, vegetables, and other raw food, but there
are also lots of small restaurants there.  Avoid buying fruit near the
northern end.


You have to tell the waiter/waitress that you are finished and want to
pay ("`Zahlen!"').  A tip of 5\%--10\% of the bill is customary if you
were served by a waiter/waitress.

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