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    1: \Section{Restaurant Guide}
    3: The map on the next page shows restaurants and other food sources near
    4: the ETAPS lecture theaters.
    6: \subsection{Comments on the map}
    8: Most restaurants offer lunch specials (Menü: several courses;
    9: Tagesteller: one course) for about \EUR{5}--\EUR{8} (without drinks
   10: and tips).  Those that do not and that do not have regular meals in
   11: that range are marked as * (expensive) on the map.
   13: Most Cafés offer lunch specials and small meals; those that offer a
   14: menu of full meals are usually marked as Viennese restaurants (V).
   16: Bakeries usually also offer various kinds of sandwiches.
   18: The restaurants shown on the map are open for lunch and usually for
   19: dinner.  Restaurants that only open for dinner are not shown; you can
   20: find some dinner-only places near the crossing of Schleifmühlgasse and
   21: Mühlgasse.  There are also a lot of restaurants in the inner city
   22: (towards the north), usually in side streets.
   24: The Naschmarkt (\textbf{1}) between Rechte and Linke Wienzeile is
   25: mainly a market for fruit, vegetables, and other raw food, but there
   26: are also lots of small restaurants there.  Avoid buying fruit near the
   27: northern end.
   29: \subsection{Payment}
   31: You have to tell the waiter/waitress that you are finished and want to
   32: pay ("`Zahlen!"').  A tip of 5\%--10\% of the bill is customary if you
   33: were served by a waiter/waitress.

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