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 \paragraph*{WP2 - Verified Compilation}  \paragraph*{WP2 - Verified Compilation}
 translation verification, specification of semantics of IRs solving  Suitable semantics are necessary which support efficient translation
 subproblems.  validation or support easy verification of a compiler. We will research
   into different semantics and into mappings between the semantics of our
   processor description language \cite{BrEbKr07} and a compiler backend
   semantics, intermediate representation semantics (compatible to LLVM) and
   source language semantics. The main research will be on verification and
   translation validation for all kinds of compiler optimizations.
   \item Evaluate different semantics regarding suitability for compiler
         verification and translation validation, eventually develop new
   \item Develop a translator for an automatic mapping from our processor
         description language into verification semantics
   \item Develop a validation system from the intermediate representation
         (LLVM) to the processor semantics
   \item Develop a validation system from the source language (C) to the
         intermediate representation (LLVM)
   \item Research into verification and translation validation for different
         frontend and backend optimizations
 \paragraph*{WP3 - Worst Case Ececution Time Analysis}  \paragraph*{WP3 - Worst Case Ececution Time Analysis}

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