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Line 170  Doppler research laboratory {\em compila Line 170  Doppler research laboratory {\em compila
 processors} with partners from industry (Infineon, OnDemand  processors} with partners from industry (Infineon, OnDemand
 Microelectronics).  Microelectronics).
 The PP is designed to exploit the synergies of the complementary  The PP is designed to synergetically combine the complementary
 expertise of Jens Knoop on resource-aware program analyses and  expertises of Jens Knoop on verified resource-aware program analyses
 optimizations and their verification and of Andreas Krall on  and optimizations and of Andreas Krall on compilation techniques for
 compilation techniques for embedded processors. Their complementary  embedded processors. Their complementary expertise is essential for
 expertise is essential for the PP.  the PP.
 \subsubsection*{Goals (first 4 years):}  \subsubsection*{Goals (first 4 years):}

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