Diff for /gforth/vmgen-ex/mini.h between versions 1.6 and 1.8

version 1.6, 2002/08/07 10:11:18 version 1.8, 2002/12/27 15:51:28
Line 21 Line 21
 #include <stdio.h>  #include <stdio.h>
   typedef long Cell;
 #ifdef __GNUC__  #ifdef __GNUC__
 typedef void *Label;  typedef void *Label;
 typedef void *Inst; /* for direct threading, the same as Label */  typedef Label Inst; /* we could "typedef Cell Inst", removing the need
                          for casts in a few places, but requiring a few
                          casts etc. in other places */
 #else  #else
 typedef long Label;  typedef long Label;
 typedef long Inst;  typedef long Inst;
 #endif  #endif
 typedef long Cell;  
 extern Inst *vm_prim;  extern Inst *vm_prim;
 extern int locals;  extern int locals;
Line 60  void vm_print_profile(FILE *file); Line 62  void vm_print_profile(FILE *file);
 #define vm_target2Cell(x,_cell) ((_cell)=(Cell)(x))  #define vm_target2Cell(x,_cell) ((_cell)=(Cell)(x))
 #define vm_a2Cell(x,_cell)      ((_cell)=(Cell)(x))  #define vm_a2Cell(x,_cell)      ((_cell)=(Cell)(x))
 #define vm_Cell2Cell(_x,_y) ((_y)=(Cell)(_x))  #define vm_Cell2Cell(_x,_y) ((_y)=(Cell)(_x))
   /* the cast in vm_Cell2Cell is needed because the base type for
      inst-stream is Cell, but *IP is an Inst */
   /* for future extensions */
   #define IMM_ARG(access,value)           (access)
 #define VM_IS_INST(inst, n) ((inst) == vm_prim[n])  #define VM_IS_INST(inst, n) ((inst) == vm_prim[n])

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