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Mon Sep 1 23:07:10 1997 UTC (25 years ago) by jwilke
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Dos Changes:
engine/32bit.h moved to arch/generic/machine.h
cache.c moved to arch/hppa/
cleanalign.c moved to engine/
!!New Files:
envos.* *.bsh
Instead of linking arch/xy/machine.h an custom include path is used
engine.a engine.o main.o makes with engine/Makefile now
history.fs and startup.fs works for dos and unix now
environment variable osclass is set in envos.fs, wich is os-specific
any comments?
supressed some warnings in main.c

echo "static char gforth_version[]=\"$1\" ;" > engine/version.h
echo ": version-string s\" $1\" ;" > kernel/version.fs

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