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Line 318  here wc-table - Constant #wc-table Line 318  here wc-table - Constant #wc-table
     s" UTF-8" search nip nip      s" UTF-8" search nip nip
     IF  set-encoding-utf-8  ELSE  set-encoding-fixed-width  THEN ;      IF  set-encoding-utf-8  ELSE  set-encoding-fixed-width  THEN ;
   environment-wordlist set-current
   : xchar-encoding ( -- addr u ) \ xchar-ext
       \G Returns a printable ASCII string that reperesents the encoding,
       \G and use the preferred MIME name (if any) or the name in
       \G @url{http://www.iana.org/assignments/character-sets} like
       \G ``ISO-LATIN-1'' or ``UTF-8'', with the exception of ``ASCII'', where
       \G we prefer the alias ``ASCII''.
       max-single-byte $80 = IF s" UTF-8" ELSE s" ISO-LATIN-1" THEN ;
   forth definitions
 :noname ( -- )  :noname ( -- )
     defers 'cold      defers 'cold
     utf-8-cold      utf-8-cold

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