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Wed Aug 28 17:50:28 2002 UTC (20 years, 5 months ago) by anton
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
gforth now stores a local ip to saved_ip instead of using a global ip
  associated changes in register allocation, threading, documentation
testdist now also tests vmgen and vmgen-ex

#! /bin/sh
#tests that dist works
#usage: testdist gforth-version.tar.gz
#gforth-version.tar.gz must be in the working directory
GFORTH=`basename $1 .tar.gz`
chmod -R +w $GFORTH
rm -rf $GFORTH
gunzip -cd $1 | tar xf -
if make --version|grep -q GNU
	echo building in build
	chmod -R a-w $GFORTH
	mkdir build
	cd build
	../$GFORTH/configure --prefix=$DIR/install
	echo building in $GFORTH
	./configure --prefix=$DIR/install
make &&
make check &&
#gforth locals-test.fs
#gforth test-counted-loops.fs
make install &&
#make bench
chmod -R +w ../$GFORTH/vmgen-ex ../$GFORTH/vmgen-ex2 &&
cd ../$GFORTH/vmgen-ex &&
PATH=$DIR/install/bin:$PATH make check &&
cd ../vmgen-ex2 &&
PATH=$DIR/install/bin:$PATH make check &&
cd .. &&
cd .. &&
install/bin/gforth test/tester.fs test/coretest.fs test/postpone.fs test/dbltest.fs -e bye &&
echo test ok
chmod -R +w $GFORTH
cd ..

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