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version 1.3, 1997/03/20 14:39:53 version 1.6, 1998/12/22 23:11:29
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   #! /bin/sh
 #tests that dist works  #tests that dist works
 #call this with gforth-$(version).tar.gz in the working directory  #usage: testdist gforth-version.tar.gz
 #use this if your make handles VPATH ok  #gforth-version.tar.gz must be in the working directory
 GFORTH=gforth-0.3.0  MACHINE=`hostname`
 mkdir test  GFORTH=`basename $1 .tar.gz`
 cd test  DIR=`pwd`
 DIR=$PWD  rm -rf $GFORTH
 gunzip -cd ../$GFORTH.tar.gz|tar xf -  gunzip -cd $1 | tar xf -
 chmod -R a-w $GFORTH  if make --version|grep -q GNU
 mkdir build  then
 cd build          echo building in build
 ../$GFORTH/configure --prefix=$DIR/install          chmod -R a-w $GFORTH
           mkdir build
           cd build
           ../$GFORTH/configure --prefix=$DIR/install
           echo building in $GFORTH
           cd $GFORTH
           ./configure --prefix=$DIR/install
 make  make
 make check  make check
 #gforth locals-test.fs  #gforth locals-test.fs
 #gforth test-counted-loops.fs  #gforth test-counted-loops.fs
 make install  make install
 make bench  #make bench
 cd ..  cd ..
 install/bin/gforth tester.fs coretest.fs postponetest.fs dbltest.fs -e bye  install/bin/gforth test/tester.fs test/coretest.fs test/postpone.fs test/dbltest.fs -e bye && echo test ok
 chmod -R +w $GFORTH  chmod -R +w $GFORTH
 cd ..  cd ..
 rm -rf test  

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