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version 1.50, 2000/07/30 19:56:05 version 1.51, 2000/08/08 12:37:05
Line 1504  struct timeval time1; Line 1504  struct timeval time1;
 struct timezone zone1;  struct timezone zone1;
 struct tm *ltime;  struct tm *ltime;
 gettimeofday(&time1,&zone1);  gettimeofday(&time1,&zone1);
   /* !! Single Unix specification: 
      If tzp is not a null pointer, the behaviour is unspecified. */
 ltime=localtime((time_t *)&time1.tv_sec);  ltime=localtime((time_t *)&time1.tv_sec);
 nyear =ltime->tm_year+1900;  nyear =ltime->tm_year+1900;
 nmonth=ltime->tm_mon+1;  nmonth=ltime->tm_mon+1;
Line 2244  u=sizeof(newline); Line 2246  u=sizeof(newline);
 :  :
  "newline count ;   "newline count ;
 Create "newline 1 c, $0A c,  Create "newline 1 c, $0A c,
   utime   ( -- dtime )    gforth
   ""Report the current time in microseconds since some epoch.""
   struct timeval time1;
   dtime = timeval2us(&time1);
   cputime ( -- duser dsystem ) gforth
   ""duser and dsystem are the respective user- and system-level CPU
   times used since the start of the Forth system (excluding child
   processes), in microseconds (the granularity may be much larger,
   however).  On platforms without the getrusage call, it reports elapsed
   time (since some epoch) for duser and 0 for dsystem.""
   struct rusage usage;
   getrusage(RUSAGE_SELF, &usage);
   duser = timeval2us(&usage.ru_utime);
   dsystem = timeval2us(&usage.ru_stime);
   struct timeval time1;
   duser = timeval2us(&time1);
   dsystem = (DCell)0;
   v*      ( f_addr1 nstride1 f_addr2 nstride2 ucount -- r ) gforth v_star
   ""dot-product: r=v1*v2.  The first element of v1 is at f_addr1, the
   next at f_addr1+nstride1 and so on (similar for v2). Both vectors have
   ucount elements.""
   for (r=0.; ucount>0; ucount--) {
     r += *f_addr1 * *f_addr2;
     f_addr1 = (Float *)(((Address)f_addr1)+nstride1);
     f_addr2 = (Float *)(((Address)f_addr2)+nstride2);
   faxpy   ( ra f_x nstridex f_y nstridey ucount -- )      gforth
   for (; ucount>0; ucount--) {
     *f_y += ra * *f_x;
     f_x = (Float *)(((Address)f_x)+nstridex);
     f_y = (Float *)(((Address)f_y)+nstridey);

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