Diff for /gforth/prim between versions 1.43 and 1.44

version 1.43, 2000/03/11 20:35:05 version 1.44, 2000/03/17 21:32:03
Line 1496  wretval = pclose((FILE *)wfileid); Line 1496  wretval = pclose((FILE *)wfileid);
 wior = IOR(wretval==-1);  wior = IOR(wretval==-1);
 time&date       -- nsec nmin nhour nday nmonth nyear    facility-ext    time_and_date  time&date       -- nsec nmin nhour nday nmonth nyear    facility-ext    time_and_date
   ""Report the current time of day. Seconds, minutes and hours are numbered from 0.
   Months are numbered from 1.""
 struct timeval time1;  struct timeval time1;
 struct timezone zone1;  struct timezone zone1;
 struct tm *ltime;  struct tm *ltime;
Line 1509  nmin  =ltime->tm_min; Line 1511  nmin  =ltime->tm_min;
 nsec  =ltime->tm_sec;  nsec  =ltime->tm_sec;
 ms      n --    facility-ext  ms      n --    facility-ext
   ""Wait at least @i{n} milli-second.""
 struct timeval timeout;  struct timeval timeout;
 timeout.tv_sec=n/1000;  timeout.tv_sec=n/1000;
 timeout.tv_usec=1000*(n%1000);  timeout.tv_usec=1000*(n%1000);

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