Diff for /gforth/prim between versions 1.31 and 1.32

version 1.31, 1999/05/10 12:52:06 version 1.32, 1999/05/15 20:00:21
Line 718  ud = (UDCell)u1 * (UDCell)u2; Line 718  ud = (UDCell)u1 * (UDCell)u2;
    and >r >r 2dup d+ swap r> + swap r> ;     and >r >r 2dup d+ swap r> + swap r> ;
 um/mod  ud u1 -- u2 u3          core    u_m_slash_mod  um/mod  ud u1 -- u2 u3          core    u_m_slash_mod
   ""ud=u3*u1+u2, u1>u2>=0""
 UDCell r = umdiv(ud,u1);  UDCell r = umdiv(ud,u1);
 u2=r.hi;  u2=r.hi;
Line 933  dcomparisons(du, ud1 ud2, d_u_, ud1, ud2 Line 934  dcomparisons(du, ud1 ud2, d_u_, ud1, ud2
 \+  \+
 within  u1 u2 u3 -- f           core-ext  within  u1 u2 u3 -- f           core-ext
   ""u2=<u1<u3 or: u3=<u2 and u1 is not in [u3,u2).  This works for
   unsigned and signed numbers (but not a mixture).  Another way to think
   about this word is to consider the numbers as a circle (wrapping
   around from @code{max-u} to 0 for unsigned, and from @code{max-n} to
   min-n for signed numbers); now consider the range from u2 towards
   increasing numbers up to and excluding u3 (giving an empty range if
   u2=u3; if u1 is in this range, @code{within} returns true.""
 f = FLAG(u1-u2 < u3-u2);  f = FLAG(u1-u2 < u3-u2);
 :  :
  over - >r - r> u< ;   over - >r - r> u< ;

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