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version 1.144, 2003/09/14 21:16:48 version 1.145, 2003/10/09 14:15:19
Line 136 Line 136
 \ throw execute, cfa and NEXT1 out?  \ throw execute, cfa and NEXT1 out?
 \ macroize *ip, ip++, *ip++ (pipelining)?  \ macroize *ip, ip++, *ip++ (pipelining)?
   \ Stack caching setup
   \E register IPTOS Cell
   \E register spTOS Cell
   \E register sp1 Cell
   \E register sp2 Cell
   \E register sp3 Cell
   \E create IPregs IPTOS ,
   \E create regs sp2 , sp1 , spTOS ,
   \E IPregs 1 0 stack-state IPss1
   \E regs 3 cells + 0 0 stack-state ss0
   \E regs 2 cells + 1  0 stack-state ss1
   \E regs 1 cells + 2  1 stack-state ss2
   \E regs 0 cells + 3  2 stack-state ss3
   \ the first of these is the default state
   \E state S0
   \E state S1
   \E state S2
   \E state S3
   \E ss0 data-stack S0 set-ss
   \E ss1 data-stack S1 set-ss
   \E ss2 data-stack S2 set-ss
   \E ss3 data-stack S3 set-ss
   \E IPss1 inst-stream S0 set-ss
   \E IPss1 inst-stream S1 set-ss
   \E IPss1 inst-stream S2 set-ss
   \E IPss1 inst-stream S3 set-ss
   \E data-stack to cache-stack
   \E here 4 cache-states 2! s0 , s1 , s2 , s3 ,
   \ !! the following should be automatic
   \E S0 to state-default
   \E state-default to state-in
   \E state-default to state-out
 \ these m4 macros would collide with identifiers  \ these m4 macros would collide with identifiers
 undefine(`index')  undefine(`index')
 undefine(`shift')  undefine(`shift')

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