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Sun Aug 27 19:56:38 1995 UTC (28 years, 1 month ago) by pazsan
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Made kernal generation saver
added automatic creation of makefile.dos
newer version texinfo.tex
fixed some inconsistencies (don't know, what happend with model?)

    1: $Id: model,v 1.3 1995/08/27 19:56:38 pazsan Exp $
    2: Copyright 1992 by the ANSI figForth Development Group
    4: This file describes the implementation model of ANSI figForth. The things
    5: described herein are valid in all implementations of ANSI figForth.
    7: The instruction pointer (ip) is post-incremented.
    9: Branches are relative:
   10: 	branch
   11: offset:	target - offset
   12: 	...
   13: target:	...
   15: The top-of return stack is in memory
   17: The top of data stack need not be in memory. Other data stack items
   18: are in memory.
   20: The stacks grow downward
   22: flags are represtented by 0 and -1
   24: The loop control parameters are the index on the top of return stack
   25: and the limit on the second item.
   27: Everything except the virtual machine registers (ip, sp, etc.) is
   28: addressable.
   30: The return address on the return stack occupies one cell.
   32: There is a floating point stack
   33: The floating point numbers are the same as C's double numbers
   35: The error returns of the file word set are FALSE or TRUE. (or should
   36: we use errno? Does this work with stdio functions?)
   38: No assumptions can be made about the order of fetching the xt of the
   39: next word wrt the other operations in a forth word. This makes a
   40: difference only if you want to execute code lying on the stack or if
   41: you store into the very next word that is executed.

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