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version 1.12, 1997/03/25 23:27:13 version 1.16, 1998/07/05 20:50:00
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 s%/bin/sh%command.com%g  # We use the bash and shell and file utilities with dos
 s% rm% del%g  s%SHELL%# SHELL%g
 s% cp% copy%g  # s% rm% del%g
 s% ln -s% copy%g  # s% cp% copy%g
   s% ln -s% cp%g
 s%-pipe %%g  s%-pipe %%g
 s% ./gforth% gforth%g  s% ./gforth% gforth%g
 s%io.o %%g  s%io.o %%g
 s%-DDEFAULTPATH=\\".*"%%g  s%-DDEFAULTPATH=\\".*"%%g
 s%@kernel_fi@%kernl32l.fi%g  s%@kernel_fi@%kernl32l.fi%g
 s%@KERNEL@%kernl16l.fi kernl16b.fi kernl32l.fi kernl32b.fi kernl64l.fi kernl64b.fi%g  s%@KERNEL@%kernl16l.fi kernl16b.fi kernl32l.fi kernl32b.fi kernl64l.fi kernl64b.fi%g
 s%@LIBOBJS@%ecvt.o io.o strsignal.o%g  s%@LIBOBJS@%ecvt.o io.o strsig.o%g
 s%@getopt_long@%getopt.o getopt1.o%g  s%@getopt_long@%getopt.o getopt1.o%g
 s%@host@%dos%g  s%@host@%dos%g
 s%@CC@%gcc%g  s%@CC@%gcc%g
Line 31  s%@srcdir@%.%g Line 33  s%@srcdir@%.%g
 s%@LINK_KERNL@%-$(CP) kernl32l.fi kernel.fi%g  s%@LINK_KERNL@%-$(CP) kernl32l.fi kernel.fi%g
 s%@PATHSEP@%;%g  s%@PATHSEP@%;%g
 s%-fforce-mem -fforce-addr %%g  s%-fforce-mem -fforce-addr %%g
 s%echo "static char gforth_version.*;" >$@%$(CP) version.h1 version.h%g  # s%echo "static char gforth_version.*;" >$@%$(CP) version.h1 engine\version.h%g
 s%echo ": version-string.*;" >$@%$(CP) version.fs1 version.fs%g  # s%echo ": version-string.*;" >$@%$(CP) version.fs1 kernel\version.fs%g
 s%$(srcdir)/config.h.in:        stamp-h.in%#$(srcdir)/config.h.in:      stamp-h.in%g  s%$(srcdir)/config.h.in:        stamp-h.in%#$(srcdir)/config.h.in:      stamp-h.in%g
 s%config.h:     stamp-h%#config.h:      stamp-h%g  s%engine/config.h:      stamp-h%#engine/config.h:       stamp-h%g
 s%test x'$(VERSION)' = x`cat $@` || %%g  s%test x'$(VERSION)' = x`cat $@` || %%g
 s%--clear-dictionary%-c%g  s%--clear-dictionary%-c%g
 s%.$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir)%.%g  s%.$(PATHSEP)$(srcdir)%.%g
 s% -I$(srcdir)%%g  # s% -I$(srcdir)%%g
 s%GFORTHD="./gforth-ditc -p ." $(srcdir)/%%g  s%GFORTHD="./gforth-ditc -p .* $(srcdir)/%%g
   s%$(MAKE) -C%bash makein.bsh%g

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